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Daniel's Example of Effective Prayer


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Daniel's Example of Effective Prayer

Deaconess Tammy Smith

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"We know that God doesn't listen to sinners, but He is ready to hear those who worship Him and do His will." (John 9:31 NLT)

Don't you want to move angels and demons every time you to open your mouth, just like the Prayer Warriors in the Bible?

Let's use Daniel as an example. Daniel’s prayers in Daniel 10, resulted in an increase activity by high-ranking angels to help resist the activity of powerful demons. Daniel’s prayers had a significant impact by shifting things in the spirit realm.

Just imagine every time you pray there is an immediate reaction in heaven! It is possible for you to experience and get this type of result when you pray. If we want a greater level of effectiveness in prayer along the lines of what Daniel had, we must embrace the discipline he walked out in his life.  James 5:16, emphasized commitment to godly living because it's essential to cultivating an effective prayer life. The Lord responds to His people because we have set our hearts to keep His commands and do things that please Him. And whatever we ask we receive from Him, because we have kept His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight. (1 John 3:22).

The New Testament has much to say about our lifestyles and how it relates to effective prayer.  Walking in obedience is not about seeking to earn the answers to our prayers; it is about living in agreement with God. It is through the blood of Jesus and our agreement with God in faith that our prayers, ascend to the throne of God with power.  Daniel’s life of faithfulness did not earn God’s power in prayer; rather, it positioned him to live in greater agreement with God, and it was this agreement that made his prayers so effective. 

What does the lifestyle of an effective intercessor look like? Consider Daniel’s dedication.

Especially note his consistency in prayer for decades (Daniel 6:10) and his determination to walk in obedience (Daniel 1:8) and seek understanding of God’s purpose (Daniel 10:12).

Jesus made the amazing statement that He would manifest Himself to those who show their love for Him in their lifestyle choices. No one is “good enough” to deserve the manifestation of God’s glory. Thankfully, it’s not about being "good enough" but about positioning ourselves to receive more intimacy from God. Every believer can have a close relationship with the Lord. Jesus not only loves those who love Him, but He loves first before, we ever thought about loving Him (1 John 4:19).

The Lord revealed His love to Daniel in a deep way through an angel who addressed him as “greatly beloved."  Imagine an angel telling you, “The Lord is moved by the way you live. He is moved by your hunger and desire for Him and by your lifestyle choices and prayers.” (Psalm 27:4)

I encourage you to set your heart after the things of God. If you want your prayers to be EFFECTIVE you have to make the choice not to live the way other people live. You have to live in Holiness according to the word of God to be effective in prayer.

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Images: Greg Rakozy, Miles Farnsworth