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What Time Is Your Watch? (3 of 8)


Welcome to Covenant Promises daily.

What Time Is Your Watch? (3 of 8)

Covenant Promises


About this prayer series:

God said in Matt. 16:16-19 that the thing you must possess is the GATES, and one of the keys we need to possess the gates is the key of the knowledge of TIME. Our day has a gate, our week has a gate, our month has a gate and our year has a gate. We must possess these gates, because whoever possesses the gates possesses and controls everything.


A SPECIAL TIME FOR DIVINE GOVERNMENTS OVERRULING HUMAN DECREES – Psalm 119:62; Isaiah 42:22; Psalm 68; Acts 16:25; 27:25-44; Exodus 12:29; Exo 12 -14

During the third watch, pray along these lines:


This is when the deep sleep falls upon men according to Acts 20:7-12. Remember, according to Matt. 13:25, while men slept the enemy went to sow tares. This is therefore a period of heightened satanic activities. The devil operates at this time because this is the time that men are sleep and there are not so many people praying to oppose him. (Matt. 13:24; 1 King 3:20) [This watch is the weak link for Islam – only a few Sufis praying at this time! The story is different during the month of Ramadan when every Muslim is encouraged to pray the “Tahajjud.”]

It is also the time for slaying; when the destroying angel goes through the camp, neighborhood, community, city, or nation (Exo. 12:29 cf. 2 Kings 19:35). Time to declare Psalm 91:5, 6 for Divine Protection for yourself, family, church, city and nation. This period is also the time that rapists increase their activity, according to Judges 19, the Levite’s concubine was raped about this period and was only left to go before dawn, so pray and silence them (Judges 19:25).

Time of Release from every Prison (Isaiah 42:22; Jud. 16:3; Acts 16:25; Psa. 18:27-28; 2 Kings 19:35)

This is also the time people are generally released. According to the scriptures, God released the people of Israel to leave Egypt at this time. It was also midnight that Samson according to Judges 16:3-4 carried the gates of the city and went out. This is also the time the wicked are wiped out.

Pray also for greater level of concentration (Mark 1:35; Isa. 17:14). This is also the time for angelic intervention. This is also the time you could employ the land to fight for you. This is the time to rule in the midst of your enemies.

Freedom for His Bride (Exodus 12:29; Judges 19:25)

This is the time to pray for the freedom of the bride, especially those who are trusting God for their marriage partners. Therefore, those of you who are not married, this is a good time to pray for marriages, so you can also get married. For those who are married too, this probably the best time to pray for your marriage. According to Matt. 25:6, it was at midnight that the Bridegroom came. In the case of Ruth, though she had been sleeping at Boaz’s feet, it was at midnight that he noticed that a woman was sleeping there. You can pray that God will cause the Body of Christ to be noticed at this time. This is also time for marriages. Pray for God to show you things to make your marriage a happy one (Ruth 3:1-10). Pray also for the discovery of new and beautiful things in your spouse. This period is also the time to keep the lamps burning. This watch is also the time to enter your rest (Psalm 67).

Best time to make your case in prayer. (Mark 13:35; Luke 11:5-13; Acts 16:25-34; Acts 20:7-12)

This is the time to pray to God and make your case in prayer. This is also the period to pray for every emergency provision God makes to be released (Luke 11:5-13; Acts 16:3). It is also time for most dreams (Job 4:13-14); time for miracles or covenants; time for apply the Blood of Jesus. This is the time to awake out of sleep and confront every storm of destruction and distraction. Also it is the time to speak peace and calm into every situation of turbulence and confusion.


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