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What Time Is Your Watch? (7 of 8)


Welcome to Covenant Promises daily.

What Time Is Your Watch? (7 of 8)

Covenant Promises


About this prayer series:

God said in Matt. 16:16-19 that the thing you must possess is the GATES, and one of the keys we need to possess the gates is the key of the knowledge of TIME. Our day has a gate, our week has a gate, our month has a gate and our year has a gate. We must possess these gates, because whoever possesses the gates possesses and controls everything.


John 4:6; Matt. 27:45; Acts 26:13; Jer. 15:8, Job 11:13-20; Psalm 37:20; Dan. 6:13


TIME FOR DIVINE GUIDANCE AND DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL - This is the watch that introduces the Midday, otherwise known as the Noon, or the Sixth Hour or the Fullness of Day (Psa. 55:17, Prov. 4:18, Isa. 58:10, Job 11:15, Psa. 37:3, Jer. 20:16). Both the midday and the midnight are very important.

During the seventh watch, pray along these lines:

Time of the Secret Place of the Most High (Psalm 91:1)

This is very important to pray in line with Acts 10:9 and Psalm 91:5, 6, 14. It is the time to pray to dwell in the secret place of the Most High, abiding under the shadow of the Almighty, and making the Most High your habitation. It is also the time of exercising your God given dominion, operating in love and receiving a divine lift, and letting your light shine brighter until the full light of day is attained (Prov. 4:18).

The midday is the fullness of the day and it is the beginning of the Sixth hour. This is the time that the sun is at its fullest, and should yield its optimum best. Pray that the sun will yield its best and precious fruit to you, in line with Deut. 33:4. Pray that your life would be bright. This is the time to pray not to be led into any temptation, trap or snare of the enemy.

Pray against Destruction that stalks at noon time (Psalm 91:5)

Destruction is released at midday according to Psalm 92:6-7. Pray and cut off all satanic arrows that are released at this time. This is the time justice shall come to you (Isa. 7:14). This is the time of the secret place of the Most High. In Psalm 91, it says that I will not be afraid of destruction that stalks at noonday nor the arrows that fly by night. The destruction at this time will not get you, family, Body of Christ, etc. because we declare that the mystery of the secret place of the Most High would begin to speak.


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